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Partner in Charge of Digital Marketing and Information Technology

About Me

Profile Creative digital product and marketing leader seeks opportunity to leverage big-picture, strategic thinking, management experience and deep and broad technical knowledge to build synergistic teams and solutions across functional areas. Intrinsically motivated to continuously improve strategy and products, technical solutions, and team efficacy and engagement. Key Strengths * Proven track of defining and clarifying business strategy and implementing resulting business plans: redefined Rejuvenation MD NYC's business and marketing strategy based on high profit margin practices and identification of under-served markets created and implemented adaptive web and social media presences and launched web site and search engine and email marketing (SEM) campaigns to grow company revenues from less than $200,000 to over $3 million in less than 3 years. * 15+ years of experience uniting product and technical vision and applying management and technical know-how to exceed end-user expectations and maximize profit, including leadership roles developing HBO's standards for new web and thick client applications, and creation of McGraw-Hill's assessment platform that achieved 70%+ shorter production time for digital content editors to launch educational products, reducing content storage needs by 4-fold. * Caring leader with over 15 years of experience managing global teams of 5 to 92 members engaged in creating and supporting multiple web, client-server, mobile and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with up to 20 million users and 2,000,000 concurrent users with Coke, HBO, Expedia, USAir, NPR and McGraw-Hill. * Reputation for rapid, effective engineering, project management and quality assurance team staffing and team building in New York City and Atlanta: zero attrition during tenure as a technical leader at both McGraw-Hill and HBO. * Decade of experience clarifying and evaluating "build, partner or buy" decision tradeoffs and expected returns on investment (ROI), including realized savings of > $1.5 million by leading rebuild and update of key components of HBO's digital rights management system.

My Skills

  • Web
  • Business Plan
  • Management
  • business development
  • digital marketing
  • software development
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